Your Just-In-Case Emergency Car Kit: The 5 Items You Must Have

Being prepared is your best course of action in nearly any situation, and the vehicle you drive is no different. So many things can go wrong while driving, you need to prepare for the worse case scenario every time you head out.

​The following five items are simply must-have in your emergency car kit, just in case.

1. Flares 

Because you could become trapped anywhere along your travels, it's important to have some way to call for help that is not reliant on a battery being fully charged. Although your best device would be a cell phone, too many times, they fail the user by either not having a strong enough charge or not being able to obtain a signal. A flare should alert anyone in your general vicinity that there is trouble and help is needed.

2. A Quick Fix For Flat Tires

Fairly economical and reliable, cans of foam spray-sealant can give your tire the air it needs to transport you to the nearest gas station for help, or even home if you're lucky. Especially since changing a flat tire can be dangerous when done on the roadside, you need a fast and safe way to get the vehicle back on the road. The spray-sealant is also much easier to use if you're not strong enough to remove lug-nuts and transfer the spare.

3. A Furnished First-Aid Kit

Hopefully, this is one item in your emergency car kit you'll never need; however, breaking down usually means having to fix something, and that can mean getting cuts as you reach into the engine or under the vehicle. Additionally, if you're ever in an accident and waiting for an ambulance to arrive, a tourniquet could save someone's life.

4. Jumper Cables

Batteries aren't always the most reliable devices in cars, nor are the gauges that are supposed to indicate their health. If you're ever stuck somewhere with a battery that simply won't get your car going, you're going to need jumper cables. Also, if you happen to see someone else stuck and wish to help, you'll have the needed equipment. Cables are essential in cold weather climates, known to brutalize batteries at the worst possible times.

5. Clean Drinking Water

Under any circumstances, be they running out of gas, a flat tire or simply getting lost out in the middle of nowhere, you should always have a means of hydrating. Wash a few 2-liter soda bottles and fill them with tap water, or pop a six-pack of your favorite bottled water in the trunk.

Don't take chances, especially when your life and the lives of others are at stake. Be prepared in your vehicle with an emergency kit and keep these five items, along with things you deem crucial, on hand and you should be well prepared for most any scenario. And, if you get stuck and need emergency services, always call 911 for help. If you think you need towing services, call us for help.