Top 3 Safety Tips When Your Car Breaks Down

When we're driving our cars, there's one thing we never want to happen, and that's for our cars to break down while we're on the road.  Not only is it a major inconvenience, but we may also find ourselves in potential danger depending on why and where the break down occurs.  Your safety should always be your number one concern when it comes to a car break down. Here are three top safety tips if your car breaks down:
1.    Make Sure You're in a Safe Place
Let's say your car breaks down on a busy highway.  You should never get out of your vehicle to examine the car or to make repairs.  Instead, you should get your vehicle to a safe spot before you exit.  If your vehicle is unable to move, it is imperative that you motion for other drivers to drive past you.  Even a flat tire could pose a danger.  Therefore, it's crucial for you to get to safety, even if you destroy the tire in the process.
2. Get On Your Cell And Call for Help
After you've made sure your car is in a safe place, get on your cell and call for help.  It's useful to belong to a roadside assistance service for break down emergencies. If you are unable to get to a safe place, turn on your hazard lights and do what you can to direct traffic to drive past you and call for help at the same time.  Call 911 to arrive quickly and help to remove your car out of traffic. If you've moved your vehicle out of traffic but you are in a dangerous location otherwise, remain in your car with the doors locked and call the police.3. Have What You'll Need on Hand
To assist with protecting yourself and your car, be prepared.  Carry things like flares, reflective triangles, and flags in your glove compartment.  Your hazard lights are also an excellent way to warn other drivers and oncoming traffic.