Guide for Long Distance Towing & Transport

Long Distance Vehicle Towing

Sometimes towing your vehicle isn’t just about taking it to the closest mechanic. If you need to use a long-distance towing company, know that there are options. There are, however, certain preparations you’ll need to make ahead of time. Tow Truck Services RI wants to help you stay informed about the preparations you’ll need to make for the long drive. ​
Preparation is often the difference between towing a vehicle properly or creating a problem. There are many long-distance towing companies whose job is to deliver your car safely. These five options below are steps you can follow to ensure a safe trip for your vehicle:

1. Consider Your Options

There are two types of long haul towing, closed car carriers and open car carriers. Most of the time you can send your car on an open transport without issues. Although If you have a high-value car, you may want to choose a closed carrier option for more protection.

2. Get Several Written Estimates

You’ll want to get estimates from at least three long-distance vehicle towing companies. Compare the costs and services of each one. The services they offer are extremely important, and you don’t want to miss anything. The cheapest option is not always the best option.

4. Check the Company’s Registration

Any long distance towing company that crosses state lines has to be registered. If you can’t find their registration with the Federal Motor Safety Administration, go somewhere else. Companies that don’t readily share their registration number are often not legitimate. ​

5. Proof of Insurance

Make sure you check the towing company’s insurance policy. Thinking of accidents is not conducive to your anxiety, but they can happen. You should also ask your insurance company if adding temporary coverage is necessary to avoid any unexpected expenses.

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Prepping Your Car for Transport

Once you’ve chosen the towing company, you’ll need to prep your car for transport. This won’t take very long, and you’ll be glad you went through these proper steps: ​

Repair Fluid Leaks

If your car is leaking fluid, the towing company may not take it. The last thing they want is for one car to leak onto another or to be polluting the environment with unhealthy chemicals.

Inflate the Tires

This makes the car easier to move, and you’ll be able to spot damages.

Take Out Custom Accessories

If you have custom accessories that could experience damage, take them out of the car. If there are parts on the exterior that can easily be removed, take those off as well.

Remove Valuables

If you have any valuables in the trunk or glove box, take them out. There is no point in testing your luck with anything that is valuable to you. Take valuables out temporarily and they can easily be put back in when you get your car back.

Keep the Gas Amount Low

Having less than a full tank of gas can keep the weight of your car lower, so it’s easier to transport. You’ll also save money because most towing companies charge by weight.

Take Pictures of the Car

Just like washing the car, taking photos of it could help you later on. If anything happens to the car in transport, you’ll need to show it. Comparing before and after photos is a great way to spot any differences.  ​

The Cost of Long-Distance Towing

Having your car transported is not cheap. However, if you’re moving long-distance, taking multiple days to drive yourself can put added miles and wear and tear on your car. You’ll also have hotel, food, and gas costs to think about.

The final price of transporting your car relies on certain factors. These include the distance of transport, time of year, and the vehicle’s type and weight. If you want to save money, have the car shipped to a central shipping terminal. They can deliver your vehicle  to your address, but picking it up yourself at a terminal nearby is often cheaper.

​Another way to save money is to ship the car in an open container. Enclosed containers keep road debris from possibly hitting your car, but they’re more expensive.

Time to Transport

When it comes time to hand over your car, you’ll be nervous. This is totally normal, and it makes complete sense. This is your car, and you’re trusting it in the hands of someone else. However, don’t worry. You’ve done the research, and you’ve looked at the reviews, so everything is great.

The towing company will also need to make sure you are the owner of the car, so you’ll need to show your license, registration, and proof of insurance. The driver will also look for any imperfections on the car, just as you did. Make sure you participate in the inspection and agree with what the inspector writes down.

​If you’ve done all of the steps above, transporting your car shouldn’t cause much stress. You’ve done the research, you’ve taken precautions, the next step is easy. Enjoy your flight and be ready to pick up your vehicle when it arrives.

We’re Here to Help

If you need long-distance towing or roadside assistance, contact Tow Truck Services RI. We are a partner with AAA and can help you get to where you need. We are available 24 hours a day and offer experienced staff and affordable rates. ​